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Certified Public Accountant
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“CPA Professional” Programme meets and exceeds all Int’l standards for education, assessment & practical experience. It also meets the requirement of the leading accounting bodies regarding examination, qualification, and award of certification

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With a focus on both domestic and global business issues, the CPA Professional Programme provides the technical expertise today, to create the strategic business leaders of tomorrow. Register today to become a CPA & demonstrate commitment to professionalism

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We offer a unique & innovative solution to foster exam success that suits Executives’ busy schedules and eve on the go. CPA Candidates may be entered for an exam by an Approved Examination Center of their nearest location

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Upgrade your competitive advantage in the global job market. We nurture expertise, with expert ease. CPAPRO provides the means for innovative thinkers and industry foresight to lead you to ultimate success in the accounting profession


E-learning, also known as electronic learning, refers to the use of electronic media and technology in education. It encompasses online courses, virtual classrooms, and digital resources, providing flexibility and accessibility to learners worldwide.

CPA - 2024 (Education & Training)

  • Undergraduate Routes
  • Graduate Routes
  • 3 Stages & Syllabus
  • Exemptions
  • Award

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(2013 – 2024)

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Online Exams

Unique and innovative solutions to foster exam success that suits your busy schedule, and even on the go


Maintain, improve, and broaden KSAs and develop the personal qualities required in your professional life


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Progressive Routes to Become a CPA (England)

Certified Business Technician(CBT)

Fundamental of Accounting (FA)
Management Information System (MIS)
Fundamental of Business Law (FBL)
Cost Accounting (CA)
Managerial Finance (MF)
*Auditing-Int. (A)
* Business Taxation – UK (BT)

Professional Business Accountant - PBA

Financial Reporting-Int. (FR)
Corporate Law – Eng. (CL)
Strategic Management Accounting (SMA)
Corporate Finance (CF)
Audit and Assurance – Int. (AA)
Taxation – UK (T)

Advance Diploma in Business Accounting - ADBA

Advanced Financial Reporting-Int. (AFR)
Strategy and Leadership (SL)
Corporate Governance (CG)
Performance Management (PM)
* Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
* Advanced Audit and Assurance – Int. (AAA)
* Advanced Taxation – UK (AT)


The CPA Professional’s curriculum is with an added value, esp. its new curriculum’s Competency Level covers all areas of dynamic learning process, e.g., Financial Modeling and Strategy; Professional and Ethical standards; and Case Study

Muhammad Asif Sultan

Director Operations (ITA)

I appreciate the initiative of an international organization to promote and improve CPA qualifications around the world … Absolutely right to keep a balance to be able to also keep the body fit

Dr. Christian Lorenz

German Development Cooperation

After doing my CA, I opted CPAPRO UK due to its curriculum & global acceptance. I propose CPA-Professional UK to organize further learning opportunities for CPA students by conducting workshops and learning programs in UAE.

M. Abrahim Manzoor

Lane Mideast, UAE

I salute you for your choice. You certainly have chosen the best training in its field. Put all of your efforts to meet or exceed the CPA body’s expectations. I will enjoy that you will have a very bright life in front of you

Dr. Nadeem Bhatti

Saudi Industrial Development Fund

CPAPRO certification is being acknowledged worldwide. Moreover the effective corporate strategies of its energetic team setting new standards. Quality education and professional development is its vital part


AAS Chartered Accountants, UAE

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CPA – 2024 (Education & Training)

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Policies & Procedures (Adopted)

Certified Business Technician(CBT)
Fundamental of Accounting (FA)
Management Information System (MIS)

Advance Diploma in Business Accounting – ADBA


About CPA Credentials

What is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?
Certified Public Accountants are innovative and strategic thinkers who are well respected for their integrity and commitment to excellence. Read More

About Registration

Is there any qualifying test to register for CPA programme?
NO. The CPA from The Association of International CPAs does not require any qualifying test to register. Read More 

About Examination

When the exams are conducted? What is meant of offline and online examination system
Offline exams are conducted twice a year in January and July a different locations around the world. Read More

About Certificate of Practice

What is a Certificate of Practice and how can I apply?
The purpose of this certificate is that our qualified CPA members can satisfy that they are ready to go for practice. Read More

About CPA Professional Programme

The CPA New Curriculum is more demanding and comparable than the existing syllabus. Read More

CPAPRO® Manual

Policies & Procedures (Adopted)