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About Certificate of Practice

What is a Certificate of Practice and how can I apply?
The purpose of this certificate is that our qualified CPA members can satisfy that they are ready to go for practice. The detail of Areas of Practice is discussed in About the CPA Credentials. The Association prompts you to consider carefully whether you are fully prepared for practice or not. If you decide that you are ready after filling the “Going into Practice, Am I ready?” form, the next step is to apply for a practicing certificate (this form is not part of your formal application for a practicing certificate but you should retain it for future reference).

The matters in the form are equally relevant if you are setting up on your own or joining an established practice. However, in the latter case some of the matters referred to may not be your responsibility. If that is the case then mark the particular matter as not applicable. Read the Certificate of Practice tab carefully from http://www.CPAPRO.eu before applying for the COP.

Do you offer Certificate of Practice and what are the criteria for issuance of same?
Yes, The Association offers Certificate of Practice upon meeting the following criteria by the applicant:

—> Hold CPA membership in good standing from at least last 3 years.
—> Have completed CPD hours in last 3 years and verified by the mentor.
—>Never be barred from holding COP by any other professional body.
—> Have shown interest and proved required KSAs mentioned in “Going into Practice, Am I Ready?” questionnaire.
—> Hold adequate professional indemnity insurance, as/if applicable.

Do you provide hours’ completion certificate for your CPD Seminars or do you accept other professional bodies’ CPD credentials?
Yes, to assist our valued members we provide certain national / international facilities to complete their CPD hours. This is arranged through our Official Learning Providers and Regional Partners.  We also accept selected professional bodies’ CPD credentials to secure the investment of our members on learning and professional development. It is advised to members to regularly complete their CPD data sheet and get it verified from designated mentor to avoid failure in getting Certificate of Practice in later stage.

In which areas / industries I am allowed to do practice after qualifying CPA?
This is and added privilege to our qualified CPA members that they are allowed to work and prepare accounts in all business areas irrespective of industry or geographical location. Our CPAs are working as financial advisor, analyst, tax planner, personal and financial planner, and auditing services under exquisite Statutory and Registered Auditors’ shield. Our members are serving individuals, firms, all types of businesses, limited companies, and non-government and government agencies as well. Their knowledge is being updated and monitored regularly through CPD reporting, newsletters, seminars and workshops.

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