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Certified Public Accountant
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About CPA Professional Programme

The CPA New Curriculum is more demanding and comparable than the existing syllabus. It aligns The Association of International Certified Public Accountants with IFAC’s standards and other CPA & professional bodies of the world, as shown from the following table.
By raising standards in the following pillars, the revised curriculum makes it unique, differentiate and global in nature & course structure to well equip the qualified CPAs to do more advanced work and excel globally in Public Accounting & Finance field:

  1. Taxation and Laws pillar
  2. Investment and Reporting pillar
  3. Enterprise pillar
  4. Finance pillar
  5. Performance pillar
  6. Audit pillar

Our CPA Professional Programme (CPAPRO) launched & managed by The Association of International Certified Public Accountants and The Association of International Certified Practising Accountants, Inc. as non-government and non-profit international professional organizations backed by Federal Governments (UK & PK) licensing and having the IPs / trademark priority privileges in the country of origin.

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