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About Examination

When the exams are conducted? What is meant of offline and online examination system
Offline exams are conducted twice a year in January and July a different locations around the world. Online exams are conducted to facilitate students to appear in exams during the year. A student can appear in online exams when he feels that he is ready to sit for the exams. For detail info about online exams, kindly follow the online exam policy section or contact Augustina@CPAPRO.eu

Is additional fee charged for the online exams?
No. But additional fee is charged for online exams from specific locations which require extra arrangements by the regional partners or training providers. See online exam policy section or contact via info@CPAPRO.eu

What is the passing criterion for CPA programme?
Exams structure is extremely tough and passing criterion in CPA program is nearly 60 percent marks in almost each subject.

How much time, questions will be in online exams?
Kindly review the online examination policy for detailed info on this topic.

How to prepare for online examinations?
Software’s for exam preparation will be available soon for the candidates to cope MCQs in online exams. The comprehensive software packages will be available soon for the students in market.

Are there any study notes or tutorial classes available?
Study notes are available on demand. Tutorial classes are launched in selected areas. However, Exam Preparation, Fast Track classes can be arranged if a group of minimum 5 to 10 students agreed to avail this facility in any area globally.

Are there any subject-wise exemptions in the Programme?
Yes, there are subject-wise exemptions for CAs, CMAs, ACCAs, CSs, CFAs MBAs and M.Com on the basis of professional education and experience. Download exemption policy from exemption policy tab.

I am a non-finance graduate. If I join the CPA Programme, can I cope with it?
Yes, if you are willing to put in the necessary hard work, you should be able to cope with the Programme even though you are a non-commerce graduate.