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The strategic alliance with The Association gives you access to a community of diverse business professionals, with opportunities for mentoring and support, business advice, fellowship and social interaction. You will be entitled to enjoy a range of services and other benefits that come with belonging to a professional body including:-

  • Synergic outcome to aid your corporate strategy’s commercial part.
  • A comprehensive program of continuing professional development activities.
  • Networking prospects through an extensive branch network of members.
  • Access to on – line services, including electronic library and search facilities.
  • Corporate and Faculty training on Non-Profit basis.
  • Opportunities to participate in International Conferences on reduced rates.
  • Facility of non-commercial use of allied international bodies resources.

All costs and investment already been incurred by The Association in making agreements with international professional bodies, Finance Research & Development, and operational setups. We have spent almost 15 years in making our goodwill and extending non-profit services at national and international level, especially in Pakistan, UAE, KSA, UK, Malaysia and Thailand

You will have to allocate some free space in your present setup to increase your setups’ and operations’ productivity. We don’t require any cost / investment from your side to run / launch the international certifications. However, you can promote the said courses via your website, displays or other promotional material that will not increase your operational expenses.


Becoming a partner of a The Association sends a strong signal to your clientele and potential market about your commitment to your work. Becoming a partner of The Association signals to your present and potential students as well that you:-

  • Have the right educational soundness and experience.
  • Have a support of international think-tanks and educational resources.
  • Have demonstrated competence in performing the required roles at international level.
  • Have had your competence verified at many international places through your coupling the international memberships with your present curriculum.
  • Are committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) maintaining the knowledge and skills needed to perform your role.
  • Are committed to the high technical, ethical and behavioral standards of international bodies.

Our professionals, as your strategic partner, can help you of the highest productivity and synergy levels in your business operations. Joining us will open the doors necessary to achieve your preset goals.

Besides several Financial Benefits for your organization, we explore scholarship opportunities for your faculty and students in completing their professional qualifications.

To know more about financial benefits and synergic operational equations, please write to us through info@cpapro.eu



As well as assuring potential employers about potential members’ level of commitment, skill and experience, membership of The Association and allied professional bodies offers your present and potential students:-

  • A full range of services to support you and to your students in professional capacity.
  • A credible quality assurance process recognized by employers and clients that enhances your reputation as a professional strategic partner.
  • An internationally recognized qualification in Public Accounting, Auditing, Human Resource Management, Cost & Managerial Accounting, Forensic Accounting / Auditing / Investigation, Business Valuation Management & Fraud Examination, and Business Administration.
  • The opportunity to contribute – actively or through your support of the organizations – in a wide range of advocacy and standards development activities internationally.
  • The opportunity to avail financial savings via Group Risk Coverage, Corporate Discounts in international conferences, seminars, trainings and certifications.

Members of The Association and the allied accountancy bodies and organizations have an important role in Society as trusted expert business of professionals. This imposes a duty to:-

  • Work to the highest standards of professionalism.
  • Attain the highest levels of performance.
  • Act in the public & professional interest and stakeholders’ deliverables assurance.

The Code of Ethics sets our organizations’ members apart from others who provide services to the public as it imposes a set of principles we work by. We train provisional members in these principles, we provide support for members in applying the standards, we monitor the maintenance of high standards of competence and behavior, and we apply a structured process for investigating and resolving any complaints. This gives clients and employees a strong reason to select our members in preference to other people and organizations who are not members of a professional body or our strategic partner.


Opportunities to influence decisions arise at various stages as the Government and international standards setting bodies formulate policy. Through providing credible and high quality submissions, and drawing on the knowledge and experience of our organization’s partners, The Association has been able to make a contribution to policy development and standards setting in Pakistan, across the UAE, UK and internationally.

The public interest, rather than our commercial interest, forms the basis of all of the organization’s advice. This approach is necessary if we are to maintain our credibility.