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Certified Public Accountant
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As a member, you are required to maintain and develop your skills throughout your career. You must confirm that you are doing so by making a CPD declaration every year.

Continuing professional development (CPD) keeps you up-to-date with valuable knowledge and the skills necessary to succeed in the fields of business and finance. All members have a professional obligation to themselves, their employers and the community to plan and participate in a continuing education program, tailored to meet their own needs.

If you hold the status of Associate, Fellow or if retired and provide public accounting services (whether or not for reward), You must do at least 30 hours of CPD each year and you may be required to submit records and a diary of your CPD activities.

CPD hours cannot be carried forward and each triennium will start afresh with a minimum of 30 hours required per year accumulating to 120 hours over the triennium

CPAs must obtain a minimum of 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every 12-month period and pay annual subscription dues to stay current in their profession. CPAs are required to certify CPE/CPD compliance by the end of their anniversary month either (1) online or (2) by calling a Member Services Representative. A CPA’s anniversary month is the month membership is renewed each year

CPAs will earn 30 hours of CPE per twelve month period. If a CPA has earned more than 20 hours of CPE in their previous reporting period, they may carry forward up to 10 of these extra hours to meet their current CPE requirements.

Field Hours Source
The Association Webinars, Seminars, Conferences, Questions from monthly Journals, trainings


Required from Association

o Ethics and Professional Conduct
o Ethical Practice in Business
o Personal Ethics
o Ethical Decision-Making



o Completing degree courses and studying relevant professional certifications
o Relevant research paper published in a peer reviewed journal
o Writing of books on professional interest, technical and reference manuals including study pack
o Registered and evidence-based E-learning courses from recognized content providers



Recording your CPD hours
CPD can be recorded in any of three ways:
1. Through your online CPD Diary
2. Through the Member’s record of CPD activities
3. Or by following the format set out below:

Date Description of Activity Sponsored/Organized By Hours

In case of an audit we also accept other formats including word, excel and email documents.

For further detail contact at CPD@CPAPRO.eu