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Certified Public Accountant
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How to apply for CPAPRO® (UK) Professional or Progressive Routes?


  1. Intend to “Become a CPA” either under Progressive or Professional route
  2. Email your latest CV via: info@CPAPRO.pk or info@CPAPRO.eu
  3. CPA evaluators will inform you about your Entry Level & Route after assessing your:
    • Accredited Prior Educational Learning (APEL)
    • Accredited Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)
    • Credit Transfer Facility / Possibilities (CTF)
    • Coaching / Financial Training Facility near your location (CFTF)
    • Exemptions / Evaluation Fact Sheet stating your total exemptions
  4. Your Evaluation will be sent to your nearest local chapter to assist you
  5. Download and Fill the AE-V Form and arrange all required documents
  6. Deposit the required Registration / Evaluation Fee into official bank accounts or PayPal … each Progressive level / Diploma Fee is GBP 210/- (Plus one time Registration Fee GBP 60/-)
  7. Email scanned copies to us via: registration@CPAPRO.eu or register@CPAPRO.pk
  8. Your credentials will be verified by your local chapter or official learning provider
  9. After confirmation report, you will become an Affiliate CPA / Registered Student Member


  1. To secure, pay your exemptions fee against your exemptions granted
  2. You will be issued official Exemption Certificate and Student Membership Card
  3. Choose your convenient study route from below:
    • Regular student route via coaching center (selected locations)
    • Distance learning or Self-study route (under mentorship)
    • Fast-Track route (if you meet the minimum both APEL requirement)
  4. Complete the gap between actual and minimum required course credit hours
  5. Deposit the enrolment / examination fee against your non-exempted subjects
  6. Appear for exam (will be conducted by your local chapter or coaching center)
  7. You will be issued Internal Official Transcript by your local chapter or coaching center


  1. Complete CPD / CPE hours to fulfill minimum experience requirement
  2. Your local chapter will forward your completion report to us for final issuance
  3. You will be issued Official Transcript, CPA Membership Certificate and M-Card


  • Update your CPD / CPE minimum hours every year
  • Renew your membership when it becomes due
  • Upgrade your designation when eligible:
    • Associate Certified Public Accountant (ACPA)
    • Fellow Certified Public Accountant (FCPA)
    • Practicing Certificate (PC or COP)
  • Avail other membership benefits
    • Supporting professional certifications:
    • Certified Forensic & Investigative Auditor (CFIA)
    • Certified Fraud Investigator (CFI)
    • Certified Forensic Loan Auditor (CFLA)
    • Forensic & Investigative Analyst (FIA)
  • And many more …

Click to view large image to decide your Entry or Progressive Diploma level to apply

Click to view large image to decide your Entry or Progressive Diploma level to apply

Click to Download & Fill Application / Registration Form and send to registration@CPAPRO®.eu along-with required documents

To decide your entry level, you can Email Your Latest CV or call us on +44 (0) 17-5329-9801 (UK & USA Region) or +92 (0) 5151-47115 and +92 (0) 5151-47116 (Asia Pacific Region) to find out more