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Certified Public Accountant
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Practicing Certificate

A Member may apply to the Council in form for a Certificate of Practice entitling him / her to practice as a CPA. The application shall be addressed to the Secretary and shall be accompanied by the requisite fee. If the applications granted by the Council, the certificate under seal shall be issued.

A Member in practice, on ceasing to be in practice, shall inform the Secretary immediately of the fact of his / her having done so, but in any case not later than one month from the date he/ she cease to be in practice, and shall return the certificate of practice to the Secretary.

For Further detail read the accompanied FAQs or write to us via: COP@CPApro.EU

Before filling the COP Application Form (that can be downloaded from Downloadable section), must read and understand thoroughly the self-assessment guide “Am I Ready” for practice. The guidelines are furnished in the subsequent sections this tab.