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Certified Public Accountant
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Membership Overview

The Association offers membership for both individuals and organizations. Whichever you choose, each type of membership has a range of benefits designed to help you get the most out of being part of the professional and certified public accountant community.

The Association offers a number of membership types

  1. Membership for individuals
  2. Membership for organizations and accounting/audit firms
  3. Membership for universities, colleges and other academic institutions


Whether you simply have an interest in improving your accountancy and audit skills, are starting out in the profession or are already an experienced professional, there’s The Association membership grade designed for you.

Demonstrate professionalism
Becoming a member is a way of visibly demonstrating your commitment to the profession and the professional standards that are required of you. It enhances your status with colleagues and employers alike and helps you stay ahead of the competition in your career.The Association supports professional values.

Develop your knowledge and competence
There’s a range of information resources available to everyone on The Association website, but through The Association membership you will gain access to a much bigger knowledge-base as well as entry into The Association membership community of leading practitioners and experts from many sectors. It’s an easy way to ensure you maintain your CPD – the mark of a true professional.

A progressive scheme
As your career progresses, your membership should reflect your growing level of professionalism so consider upgrading at the appropriate time. You won’t pay any upgrade fees and you can do it at any time of the year, not just when you renew.

Ethics and professionalism
As a member you are expected to abide by The Association Code of Professional Conduct which sets out standards of professional behavior. It’s also an important way of demonstrating your commitment to professionalism.


The Association offers many opportunities for you to develop superb accounting/auditing capability, from engagement to commitment, to full The Association Corporate Accreditation:

Join The Association as a Corporate Member

By becoming The Association Corporate Member, you join organizations with access to a range of services that enable you to develop competence, recognition, and professionalism and ensure that your CPA’s community can access the latest thinking and information about all aspects of accounting and audit.


The Association Education Network facilitates the development of accountancy/auditing thinking, learning and practice in academic institutions. The network is for lecturers, researchers and students, offering a hub through which ideas are exchanged, meeting the needs of the accountancy/audit education and research community.

If you are part of the CPA academic community and would like to understand more about The Association Education Network, please contact us via membership@cpapro.eu

Our Vision
Striving to be the best member service organization through quality research and education across the globe.

Our Mission
“To be a global leader in public accounting profession by achieving the highest standards of ethics, professional excellence, corporate governance, and quality research & development”


  1. To explore, develop and promote generally accepted auditing principles within the financial industry.
  2. To excavate accounting & auditing technical-revelation in emerging economies through applied research & development.
  3. To enhance the vision & current skill level of members for effective economic, financial, and business decision making.
  4. To encourage accounting & finance professionals, researchers and educators across the globe to share knowledge and experience in the related industry.