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Certified Public Accountant
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Become A CPA

CPA Old Scheme

To become a Student
To become a student-member of the association, you will have to match the following criteria:

A. CPA (PAC Route):

  • Completed 12 years education or possess accredited equivalence.
  • Possess 05 years professional experience, before/during/after qualification

B.  CPA (PPA Route);

  • Completed 14 years education or accredited equivalence
  • Possess 03 years professional experience, before/during/after qualification

C.  CPA (Professional Route):

  • Completed 16 (or 14) years education or equivalent
  • Have two 02 years professional experience, before/during/after qualification
  • Hold a professional designation (qualified or part-qualified), e.g., CA, CMA, CPA, CCA, CIA, CGA from a recognized professional body

To become a CPA
A student who successfully completes the following is awarded the CPA® designation:

A. Pass the FOLLOWING levels / subjects or have claimed credit under Accredited Prior Learning (APL) or Credit Transfer Facility (CTF) …

  • PAC Route:  3 levels / 9 subjects after passing 4 levels / 20 subjects of PAC award
  • PPA Route:  2 levels / 6 subjects after passing 4 levels / 18 subjects of PPA award
  • CPA Professional Route: 6 levels / 20 subjects

B. Satisfy the experience requirement, and
C. Adhere to the code of ethics and standard professional conduct.

To become a Practicing Professional (Practicing Certificate)      
After receiving the CPA designation, a member can apply for Practicing Certificate upon fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • Application on prescribed form to mention the potential working area of professional interest,
  • Maintain the CPA designation in good standings,
  • Satisfy the 03 years CPD (Continuous Professional Development) requirement, and
  • Personal Indemnity Insurance (PII), if any, required under applied working area.

Flexible & Distance Learning
The Association of International CPAs allows maximum flexibility to participants to pace out and manage their studies even with their full-time professional routines.

  • Distance learning
  • Self-Study Program
  • Coaching classes available
  • Customized Reference Books
  • Syllabus Guides to aid self-study

Mentoring, counseling and support material available